What excites you the most about being part of the BoostR Stage?

We asked all our participants for the BoostR Stage YYC “Change Makers” editions, what were they the most excited about  the BoostR Stage event, and this is what some of them had to say:

Calgary Tool Library

 Tool LibraryLogo

“You can build anything with our tools, especially a community!

We can’t wait to use the BoostR stage to help our amazing community grow.”

Being Mentally Healthy


“I am super excited to be part of AlbertaBoostr! Crowd funding is giving me the opportunity to develop my adult coloring book. To have the opportunity to have my network support this project is very inspiring and to have my Boostrs have their names in the coloring book makes it even more special. Having the opportunity to be at the live event will allow my reach to increase by people in the audience becoming aware of me and giving them the opportunity to get acquainted with my work.

Giving me a way to a develop this fun tool for  mental health and  giving  my Boostrs the unique opportunity to be part the coloring book is just awesome. The ability to give people a way to show their support for mental health issues by boosting my campaign and getting my message out to a larger audience are just some of the reasons I love Alberta Boostr.

For me, participation in Alberta Boostr is the platform and the proof that you can be recovering from a mental illness and still make a positive difference in your community!”

Mindful Mental Training Inc.

Mindful Mental TrainningLogo.jpg

“Being chosen to participate in the BoostR Stage will provide us the opportunity to bring awareness to the issue of mental health in our society, with the emphasis on mental health promotion and stigma reduction. But awareness alone is not enough; our vision is to share with the audience the current science and research on mindfulness-based programs, and how it is being used to reduce stress, decrease the risk of relapse to depression, prevent suicides, slow age-related cognitive decline, and lessen the suffering of other chronic medical conditions such as cancer.”

Bundles Of Hope – Socially Conscious Baby Products


“Our team is most excited about extra publicity not only for our business, but our cause. We want to bring as much awareness as we can to the needs of low-income mothers in our city, and a chance to stand on the BoostR Stage is a chance to tell 300 or more people why we do what we do.”

The Alberta Impact Fund (AIF)


“It’s hard to narrow down what I am MOST excited about, because I am excited about a lot! But if I had to, I am most excited about getting to tell our story. We have been working on this fund for nearly 3 years now, and it has been a journey – we have had times where absolutely everything lined up, and we have had other times where everything seemed like it was falling apart. We’re to a point now where I feel like we have been through a road of trials and come out the other side and ready to see what the next stage is. I think that getting on the Boostr stage will be an incredible catalyst for us – a moment that we can look back on to see when things really changed and became that much more real. I think the whole concept is brilliant, I am so excited that it exists, and the potential opportunity to be involved is incredibly exciting!!”

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