The Elevator Pleases the Pitch-loving Crowd


We’re thrilled with the outcome of our splash event in Calgary last week where we got to see five of Alberta BoostR’s top current crowdfunding campaigns go head to head with 30-second pitches directed at a vibrant entrepreneurial crowd.

The Elevator – a pitch event, took place at The Libertine last Wednesday May 28 just after work hours. There were 100 attendees that packed the upper room, enjoyed a complementary beverage and participated in some quick networking before the main event kicked off.

To add to the ambiance, The Commons Calgary hosted a Mad Men themed Instagram photo booth, which added a nice social media touch and cozied up the room and offered a stylish place to sit. And if you’ve ever been to The Commons you’ll see where their design aesthetic comes from. Beautiful!

Famed author and small business guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie was on hand in The Elevator’s Small Biz Confessional booth to answer questions about entrepreneurship, business, finance and really anything budding business owners wanted to know about how to succeed. At one point there was a four-person line up just to speak with her. So much for providing a low-key event during her hectic book launch and tour for “Well Heeled: The Smart Girls Guide to Retting rich”, which she’s in the middle of right now!

Five Calgary companies braved the waters and pitched to win the hearts of everyone looking to put their $20 promo code to good use. All five were amazed at just how short 30 seconds actually is! All we can say is, everyone did a fantastic job.  The five pitching companies were:


It’s Date Night

Little Hippies

Social Sesame


Congratulations on pitching!

If you missed the pitch event and want to know more about these great groups plus a bunch of other great campaigns, check out our current campaigns section of the website.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the event. What did you think? We’d love if you connected with us online.

Until next time.